Your Masjid is Not a Fortune 500 Company, Nor Should It Be

Being professional doesn’t mean being corporate. This is a myth being perpetuated in our community – one that I fell for myself. Inherently, it cannot be the case. Islamic work, by [...]


Don’t Let The Youth Run Your Social Media

Here’s how it goes. Masjid organization wants to be relevant. They see that all the kids are on that Facebook thing. And a few of them are even on that Tweeter thing. Well if that’s [...]


The System I Use to Combat FOMO Without Thinking About It

FOMO [Fear of Missing Out] has been one of my biggest ailments in using not just social media – but technology in general. I have to read every single email. When they shut down Google [...]


Muslims Online Seeking a Religious Spouse … or Illicit Hookups? Or Both?

Most people are aware of the difficulties Muslims face in getting married, and the rapid rise of matrimonial websites is no surprise. There are matrimonial sites now catering to all crowds [...]