The Age of the Full-Time Imam is Over, Here’s What the New Era Of Islamic Work Looks Like

In the corporate arena, there is a new trend emerging – the freelance economy. The hypothesis goes something like this. The age of joining a company, and slowly progressing upward for 30 [...]


Future Talent Shift and the Impending Breakdown of the Masjid

It was July 8, 2010. Unfulfilled for 7 years chasing a dream and vision that the organization he was with could not help make a reality. Clad in a plum gingham print shirt, talking to Jim Grey, [...]


How Much Should Islamic Clergy Make?

Originally posted at MuslimMatters.org. Slate raised the issue of the salaries of religious clergy highlighting salaries of Priests and Rabbis. Data about Imam salaries was (un)surprisingly hard [...]