Social Media Activism: A Real Thing, Or A Trick We Play On Ourselves?

Here’s a question I recently received from our email list: How do you feel about social media activism? Is it a real thing, or is it just a trick we play on ourselves to make us think were [...]


#BringBackOurSanity Guide to Recent Internet Debates

White House Iftar. Tariq Ramadan. Dr. Jackson. Zionist sponsored trips to Israel. RIS. ISNA. Abu Eesa. The list goes on. Everyone has seen the debates, and everyone is posting about them all over [...]


The Dilemma of The Dark Knight Rises and Ramadan

Admittedly, I haven’t seen any of the relevant “Dark Knight” Batman movies, so I don’t really have a dog in this fight. But it’s been an interesting fight nonetheless. Should Muslims go see The [...]


Can We Get Past the Meat?

Originally posted at MuslimMatters.org. On a recent business trip I went to a restaurant. The hostess noticed I was Muslim and said, “Oh you don’t need a wine list, right?” I [...]


Keeping it Real: Student of Knowledge Superstars

Who ever thought that glitz and glamour would be associated with being a “talib al-‘ilm”? Did anyone ever imagine that being a “student of knowledge” would become a [...]