A Leadership Lesson from The 4 Types of Imam/Board Relationships

I’m going to start with the punchline. This post isn’t really about masjids or imams. It’s about leadership, the impact of it, and one of its most essential laws. [...]


Future Talent Shift and the Impending Breakdown of the Masjid

It was July 8, 2010. Unfulfilled for 7 years chasing a dream and vision that the organization he was with could not help make a reality. Clad in a plum gingham print shirt, talking to Jim Grey, [...]

Your Masjid is Not a Fortune 500 Company, Nor Should It Be

Being professional doesn’t mean being corporate. This is a myth being perpetuated in our community – one that I fell for myself. Inherently, it cannot be the case. Islamic work, by [...]


Occam’s Razor Solution – Fundraising for Human Resources vs. Construction

I had an epiphany while listening to an interview with Scott Harris, founder of charity: water, about one of the common debates in the Muslim community: Invest in structures or human resources? [...]


If Someone Handed You $5 Million, What Would You Build For the Community? Not What You Think.

Someone posed this question to me recently (seriously, not hypothetically). Let’s say there’s a benefactor who has given you a blank check to build something of use for the community [...]


What Brown M&M’s Have to Do with Your Masjid’s Adhan

The rock group Van Halen (remember this?) had a provision in their performance contract that called for a bowl of M&M’s backstage – but with all the brown M&M’s removed. [...]


Running a Masjid is a Lot Like Bikeshedding

Bike what? I had an epiphany after understanding bikeshedding. It’s very difficult to not get giddy while writing this, because I think I have finally stumbled upon the ultimate answer [...]


The One Fail Safe Way Communities Can Hold Leadership Accountable

Sometimes it seems that bad leadership in our communities is like a runaway train. Not only runaway, but runaway on a one way track. Sometimes the problems seem so deep that we lose sleep and [...]


How Much Should Islamic Clergy Make?

Originally posted at MuslimMatters.org. Slate raised the issue of the salaries of religious clergy highlighting salaries of Priests and Rabbis. Data about Imam salaries was (un)surprisingly hard [...]