The Age of the Full-Time Imam is Over, Here’s What the New Era Of Islamic Work Looks Like

In the corporate arena, there is a new trend emerging – the freelance economy. The hypothesis goes something like this. The age of joining a company, and slowly progressing upward for 30 [...]


How The Most Talented Person In Your Organization Can Be Its Downfall

The biggest strength and biggest weakness of an Islamic organization is usually the same thing – a talented personality. This comes in many different shapes and sizes. It’s the person [...]


Five Dysfunctions of an Islamic Organization

*For more information on this book, I have also compiled a MASSIVE deep dive on resources around the concepts in this book at UsmanConsulting.com This information should benefit anyone involved [...]


One Big Reason That Islamic Work is Stressful

There are different kinds of stress when it comes to Islamic work. One kind is good, but exhausting. It is the sheer excitement of working on a project you feel passionate about. It keeps you up [...]


3 Tips for New Leaders

So you’ve just been elected to the board, or appointed to a committee. Here’s a few things to keep in mind as you get started. 1) Never believe everything you hear. Being in a [...]


Winning Franchises: 6 Lessons Muslim Organizations Can Learn from Sports

Sports franchises mirror masjids and Muslim organizations in a number of ways. They have passionate fan bases (communities). People feel ownership over the franchise (masjid) they support. [...]


The Secret To Good Decision Making

Every Islamic organization struggles with tough decisions. Should we host a particular event? Invite a particular speaker? Hire a certain person? Buy this land? Rent a facility? The sad thing is [...]


Leading Volunteers: Don’t Let Them Fade Away

The weird thing about losing volunteers is that you never really know you have lost them. They don’t turn in a two week notice, nor do they even usually alert you. Most of the time you will [...]


Skip the Rockstars (and Gurus, Ninjas, Titans, and other Monikers)

Lately I’ve noticed an obsession with people either considering themselves to be ‘rockstars’ or saying that hiring ‘rockstars’ is the only way to build a team. A lot [...]


Leading Volunteers: Unity and Gossip

It goes without saying that most Islamic organizations suffer from a lack of unity. There are 3 main causes of disunity within Islamic organizations: Poor Communication Gossip (highlighted due to [...]

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