I Don’t Watch Ertugrul For The Same Reason I Don’t Watch Game of Thrones

tl;dr – SEASON 1 OF ERTUGRUL HAS 76 EPISODES THAT ARE 45 MINUTES EACH. SEASON ONE. AND SEASON 2 HAS 103 EPISODES!!! I haven’t seen a single episode of Ertugrul or Game of Thrones. [...]


The Doctor Who Never Went to Med School – #FiqhOfSocialMedia

In 1934, Upton Sinclair, the famous author, ran for governor of California. He sought to leverage his greatest strength, writing, to communicate with the public in a way other candidates could [...]


Inspirational Posts on Instagram Are Ruining Your Life Without You Realizing It #FiqhOfSocialMedia

It’s Sunday night after a great weekend. You got your halal meat shopping done, took the kids to the park, had dinner at a friend’s house, watched some football, and even folded and [...]


The Age of the Full-Time Imam is Over, Here’s What the New Era Of Islamic Work Looks Like

In the corporate arena, there is a new trend emerging – the freelance economy. The hypothesis goes something like this. The age of joining a company, and slowly progressing upward for 30 [...]


Career Path Lessons from the Prophet Muhammad (saw)

The Prophet (ﷺ) said, “Allah did not send any prophet except that he shepherded sheep.” His companions asked him, “Did you do the same?” The Prophet (ﷺ) replied, “Yes, I used to shepherd the [...]


The Secret To Good Decision Making

Every Islamic organization struggles with tough decisions. Should we host a particular event? Invite a particular speaker? Hire a certain person? Buy this land? Rent a facility? The sad thing is [...]