The Secret To Good Decision Making

Every Islamic organization struggles with tough decisions. Should we host a particular event? Invite a particular speaker? Hire a certain person? Buy this land? Rent a facility?

The sad thing is that in Islamic work, the secret to good decision isn’t really a secret. It’s just a lost art. Or rather, an abandoned sunnah.

Chalk this one up to another common sense thing that’s not so common. We can’t fool ourselves into thinking we are doing religious work when we don’t have the wherewithal to actually take the spiritual guidance that actually ensures we make the right choices.

I’d go so far as to say anyone who is in any kind of leadership role is violating the trust of leadership if istikharah is not a standard part of their decision making process.

Should we have a conference? Make istikharah.

Should we hire this person as our imam? Make istikharah.

Should we build our masjid in this location? Make istikharah. 

Not sure if you should dedicate your time volunteering for a particular cause? Make istikharah. 

Should we let a particular person volunteer to do something? Make istikharah. 

If you need more information about what istikharah is, or how to perform it (it is just 2 units of voluntary prayer followed by a short supplication), then check out this video:

Omar Usman is a project manager and leadership trainer. He has helped start a number of initiatives including, Debt Free Muslims, and Qalam Institute. He regularly teaches seminars on topics such as the Fiqh of Social Media, Public speaking and Khateeb training, and personal development.
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  • Ashiq A.

    You forgot istishara. That’s almost as important.

    Also, your post would be better if you at least mentioned a hadith, or that statement about the companions — they used to make istikhara about which shoes to buy.

    Wallahu a’lam.

    • ibn abee omar

      salam.. most of that should be covered in the video posted 🙂
      jazakallahu khayr

  • Islammercy82

    Salam Alikim Thanks for amazing article, Also if you allow me to share a nice website its include a lot of new articles a bout Islam


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