I Don’t Watch Ertugrul For The Same Reason I Don’t Watch Game of Thrones

tl;dr – SEASON 1 OF ERTUGRUL HAS 76 EPISODES THAT ARE 45 MINUTES EACH. SEASON ONE. AND SEASON 2 HAS 103 EPISODES!!! I haven’t seen a single episode of Ertugrul or Game of Thrones. [...]


The Involuntary Manslaughter of Islamic Scholarship

This video covers the following: How has anti-intellectualism affected the Muslim community? Why do we accept someone’s expertise in one discipline (like a mechanic), but we refuse to [...]


What’s the ROI of a WhatsApp Debate? #FiqhOfSocialMedia

Starting this post gave me a trip down memory lane as far as online Islamic discussions go. There were the late night chats on AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), back and forth debates on Islamic [...]


The Top 5 Books I Wish I Could Gift Everyone, One of Them Might Even Shock and Amaze You

***I just launched a year long book club for professionals. Check out the details at the end of this post.*** When you spend 8 hours a day sitting at a computer for work, and then another [...]


Your Time Management Problem is the Opposite of What You Think It Is

The challenge with time management used to be figuring out how to be productive with your time. Traditionally, advice would be simplistic little gotchas like – read a book instead of [...]


A Leadership Lesson from The 4 Types of Imam/Board Relationships

I’m going to start with the punchline. This post isn’t really about masjids or imams. It’s about leadership, the impact of it, and one of its most essential laws. [...]


We’ve Been Preparing For Ramadan All Wrong, Here’s The One Strategy To Focus On Instead

It’s that time of year again. During the next couple of Friday prayers we will hear that famous ayah recited numerous times – You who believe, fasting is prescribed for you, as it was [...]


A Fiqh of Social Media Poem

This is a poem written by poet Ash Shawwa. Check out his books on Amazon. This poem is based off the Fiqh of Social Media presentation that has been delivered around the US, if you’d like [...]


A Crisis of Compassion

I remember helping organize an Islamic class once and being the over-zealous volunteer guy. By that I mean that I was doing my best to convince everyone I saw to attend. When people would offer [...]


Trump’s Master Class In Media Manipulation, False News, And The Hadith That Predicted It All #FiqhOfSocialMedia

First, A History Lesson If you study Hitler’s rise to power, in retrospect, there are a number of troubling red flags that should give us pause. Here are a few quotes that lay the [...]